Normal Responses to Trauma

The after effects of trauma normally continue for 4-6 weeks after the incident, becoming easier to manage as time goes on. When a person has experienced multiple traumas or the trauma is very severe then recovery takes longer.

These are the common symptoms of trauma:

-  You may be feeling very anxious, tense and on edge
-  You are probably on the look out for danger and are distrustful of other people
-  Perhaps you are far more irritable than usual, and people make you angry quite quickly
-  Your moods may be changing rapidly from depression to anger (or even rage)
-  You are probably having great difficulty focusing and concentrating, as if your mind is all over the place
-  You may be struggling to sleep, or you may be over-sleeping
-  You may have blocked off your feeling, you may be numb and struggle to recall what happened
-  You may be looking for safety by withdrawing from other people and from life
-  You may be feeling down
-  You may be having flashbacks. Images, sounds, and smells related to the incident may be intruding into your thoughts
-  You may be having nightmares
-  You probably cannot bear to be in similar situations to that of your trauma incident

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