Counselling & psychological Services

I work with children, adolescents, adults and couples. I also offer group trauma debriefings for companies.

Some of the reasons that people come to me is because they:
- have experienced trauma
- are struggling to find a sense of self and self acceptance
- are living with anxiety and a loss of enjoyment in life
- have difficulties in relationships or want to improve their relationships
- have experienced grief, loss and bereavement
- wish to focus on their personal growth

More specifically my services include:
- Face to face an online counselling
- Individual counselling
- Couple counselling
- Counselling for children and adolescents
- Trauma counselling for individuals of all ages and group debriefings for companies
- Bereavement / grief counselling
- Supportive therapy for current life challenges
- Personal growth
- Strengthening self esteem
- Crisis management
- Parental guidance
- Art as a medium of therapy
- Play as a medium of therapy