My Wildish Self

A Journey with the Wild Boar  | 14 - 16 June 2014

An experience of reflective image making and creating sculptures in the forest. 


In the humdrum routine of daily existence we easily lose our connection to our vital creative selves. The result is a sense of being only half alive – dry, fatigued, badgered … We are inviting you to remember and immerse yourself in the aliveness of your wildish nature.

In Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ beautiful words, “The tracks we all are following are those of the wild and innate instinctual Self … These transient ‘tastes of the wild’ come during the mystique of inspiration… The longing comes when one realizes one has given scant time to… one’s own creative life, one’s life work or one’s true loves.”  Women who Run with Wolves. (1998). Clarissa Pinkola Estes, p. 4 – 5

What is a journey with a wild boar?

The hog is a deliciously ambiguous creature that symbolises both creativity and destruction. It is forthright in both its fierceness and generosity. It is unapologetically itself. As it revels in its own nature it exists apart from judgements of right and wrong.

Walking with the hog involves being open-minded towards ourselves. Discovering and respecting our fears, resources, angers, desires, yearnings, passions … as they are, without judgment.

The days will be divided into self-exploratory and sculpting sessions. In the mornings we will do self-reflective image making and the afternoons will be dedicated to the creation of clay boar sculptures in the forest. You will have lunch under open skies and fire-side dinners. You do not need to be an artist to participate, all you need is an enjoyment of making art.

Sculptures made in previous workshops


The venue is Art at Le Leuce ( which is situated in Wilderness where the Outeniqua Mountains, the forests and the oceans converge on the Garden Route (GPS Co-ordinates 33°58’28.41”S  22°35’05.00”E). It is the home of Adrian and Juanita Wilmans who have dedicated themselves to restoring the natural forest on their property.   

Le Leuce

Le Leuce


Saturday 14th to Monday 16th June 2014


R3 800 which includes lunch and dinner. We are requesting a 50% deposit to be paid to secure your spot, with the balance due by 30 May 2014. Bring a friend and qualify for a discount of 10% for both of you.


SAA, Kulula and Mango have flights from OR Thambo to George. SAA fly from Cape Town, but it is also a very scenic drive. You can either rent a car from George Airport or we can arrange to collect you. Please be aware that flights get booked out quickly so we recommend that you reserve tickets early. 


We need a minimum of 8 participants. In the event that we are unable to run the workshop, your deposit will be refunded. Being an artist is NOT a requirement. 


Sarah Cohen-Schwarz, Adrian Wilmans and Juanita Wilmans 

Booking details

To book please contact Adrian Wilmans on tel. 044 826 0463 cell. 082 826 0463 email. or register online . The booking deadline is the 30th of May 2014

Please note

This workshop is not recommended for people who are feeling very vulnerable at the moment. The reason is that we will be working in a group and will not be able to offer dedicated individual support. You are welcome to contact Sarah on 083 675 5952 to discuss this.